Tomas Albrektsson  (S)
Department of Biomaterials University of Gothenburg,
visiting professor of department of Prosthodontics,
University of Malmö, Sweden

Tomas Albrektsson was recruited by P-I Brånemark to work with osseintegrated implants in 1967. He has since published scientific papers on osseointegration of oral, craniofacial and orthopaedic implants. Present research is investigating reasons for marginal bone loss around oral implants.

Design in Progress
Fifty years of osseointegration

The discovery of osseointegration encompassed controlled placement of oral implants for the first time ever. It is estimated today that 15-20 million oral implants are placed annually all over the world. Osseointegration is a foreign body reaction where bone is formed to isolate the implant from the tissues. Oral implants display a remarkably high level of clinical success, even if 1-2 % of placed implants may display dangerous marginal bone loss at 10 years or more after initial surgery. Unwanted marginal bone loss is more to be seen as a complication to treatment than a disease phenomenon.
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